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Creating Peace Flags

Peace Flags provide you with a special way to express some of the most important wishes of your heart. In words or pictures, you can display positive wishes for yourself, your family, friends, community, or the world. You may wish to convey something especially for one person (for example, health, success, prosperity) or affirm a concept you would like to see manifested in the world (for example, peace, cooperation, equality, understanding, compassion). Let your imagination connect to what matters most to you.
Peace Flags were inspired by the Prayer Flags of Tibet. According to ancient tradition, the prayers printed on the flags are carried on the wind. The traditional flags are blue (for sky), white (for air or clouds), red (for fire), green (for water) and yellow (for earth).


(1) Peace flags are made by tearing rather than cutting the fabric. The fabric should be torn into squares of 9 x 9 inches or 12 x 12 inches. Small flags could be 6 x 6 inches.

(2) When you prepare to create your flags, it is important to relax and enter the peacefulness of your heart. From that quiet space, begin to think of the wishes you would most like to send out to the world.

(3) Write or draw your wishes and blessings on the flags using magic markers or fabric paint. Leave a small margin at the top so you can fold the flag over twine.

(4) When you have finished your flags, secure them by folding the top edge of each flag over the twine, and glue, staple or sew the folded edge to the flag. You can hang them in the traditional order of blue, white, red, green and yellow.

Peace Flags may be hung outdoors or in. Hang your flags from trees, along fences, porches, in your kitchen, office, classroom or anywhere the wind, weather or people around you will carry the words into the world. We hope the flags provide you with a visual reminder that we live in one world and all share similar hopes and dreams. Outdoors, the words will gradually disappear on the winds, and the fabric will eventually shred. You may leave them up as long as you like, and you may bury or burn the shredded fabric if you wish.   

If you know of any group that would like to make Peace Flags, please contact the CoFounders of the PFP:
please e-mail us @ :

Sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee of Southeast New England