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The Space In Between

Inner Peace is a personal quest for peace, and World Peace is the global experience of peace. While we at The Peace Flag Project(PFP) advocate for the individual experience of peace, and hold great hope for World Peace, our Mission is to create peace in the space in between: the space where we live our every day lives. Our goal is peaceful relationships on all levels. Our focus is on how we live with our families, friends, and community members; what kind of citizens, coworkers and colleagues we are; and, how we educate our children and work for social justice. It’s about being able to live a healthy life with meaningful work, good housing and safe neighborhoods. It’s about affirming our need for artistic expression and appreciation for culture in all its diversity. It’s about how we live on this planet and use its resources. It’s about appreciating the connection of all life physically and spiritually.

ur work is to foster peace in our ordinary lives.
We do this in three ways:

(1) Creation of Peace Flags
We provide the opportunity for people to create flags as a way to share their deepest wishes with the world. As they write or draw on flags, people connect to what matters most in their lives. Each flag begins with a quiet reflection on what would make the world a better place. This is an enriching and enlightening experience. One can feel a spiritual connection with one’s deepest self and with all humanity. Displaying the flags outdoors and in shares the inspiration and connection. Taken together, these small flags describe how we can live together in peace on this planet. The flags are based on the tradition of Tibetan Prayer Flags, which for centuries have sent prayers for peace, harmony and compassion to be carried around the world on the wind.

(2) Celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace
The UN mandated that International Day of Peace in 1981, the world’s first day of peace. The UN created a day for all people, not just world leaders, to talk about peace and nonviolence. To create a better world and eliminate violence and war, we need to become a more peaceful people, and this peace needs to come from the citizens of the planet, from each of us. Peace Day celebrations are held all over the world each year on September 21. With our annual observation of this special day, we join our hopes for peace with those of people all over the globe.

(3) Creation of Peace Parks
Peace Parks provide a peaceful space to relax, read, spend time with children or do whatever enhances one’s sense of peace. These can be small spaces – a bench and some shrubs, a playground with a peaceful corner – or larger areas where many can gather together to experience peace. Peace Poles are often part of these parks, expressing hope for peace in the world with “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the languages of the local communities ( ).

We believe that each of the things we do helps in a small way to make this a more peaceful world. Everything big begins as something small. History tells many stories of enormous changes that began as small ideas or actions. The amazing work of Mahatmas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela all began with small gestures in the right direction. In addition to these important world leaders, ordinary people contribute to peace and kindness and generosity every day. The Peace Pilgrim, who walked across the United States for 30 years, wrote: “One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people, giving some of their time, can make history.” We believe this can be so.

We know that experiencing peace communally is a powerful thing, and we know that small efforts can add up to significant change. Our work is to inspire more people to consider how they might create more peace on the planet. These small flags, carrying the hopes and dreams of so many people, are simple but powerful steps toward history.

We at the Peace Flag Project wish to acknowledge a debt to the United Nations for its humanitarian efforts and its work for peace on the planet. We are inspired by the United Nations’ initial vision in the Declaration of Human Rights ( ). Our work has also been informed by the efforts of Nobel Peace Laureates and the UN to create the Culture of Peace ( ) and the Peace Manifesto to help us all work for peace in that space in between.

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