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The Peace Flag Project provides the opportunity for people to create flags to express their deepest hopes and dreams. Based on the tradition of Tibetan Prayer Flags, these flags show us the marvelous things we all want for ourselves, our families, our communities, for the people of the world, and for the planet. Flags are created about gratitude, joy, love, peace, health, tolerance, success, reconciliation – beautiful thoughts we too often keep to ourselves. The words and images on the flags reflect our wishes for a kinder, gentler world.

We suggest that the flags be displayed where they can be seen every day. They may be hung from trees, along fences, in kitchens, offices, classrooms – anywhere the wind, weather or people will see them. The heartfelt messages on the flags remind us that we live in one world and all share similar aspirations and dreams. Seeing them every day keeps us connected with the best in ourselves and with our hopes for the world.

Making Peace Flags is an encouraging and positive experience for everyone, young and old, from every religion, background and culture. If you would like to make Peace Flags or have a group that would like to make Peace Flags, please contact The Peace Flag Project
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